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January 2, 2015 January 2, 2015 Edition: U.S. Regional Make us your homepage
In the News Muriel Bowser Harper Collins Sen. Harry Reid Bono ‘Downton Abbey’

U.S. in the thick of battle against Islamic State
Missy Ryan and Erin Cunningham
Violence near an Iraqi base underlines the risks to U.S. personnel as they fan out as part of Obama’s expanding mission.
Jets pound Islamic State in Syria
U.S. target Islamic State in Iraq
U.S. diplomats in Cuba may see better times ahead
Joshua Partlow
As the U.S. moves to normalize relations with Cuba, former diplomats recall the day-to-day oddities of living and working in a tropical paradise that has also been enemy territory.
Tigers lunge at a live chicken. (Qilai Shen for The Post)
How China’s taste for bone wine 
could spell doom for tigers
Simon Denyer
Tiger products have become sought-after status symbols among the country’s elite.
Tigers on display — and at risk — in China
The evolution of the toy gun
Look back at how toy weapons got their start before they became so popular with children.
Harper Collins omits Israel from 
maps for Mideast schools
Harper Collins omits Israel from <br> maps for Mideast schools
Terrence McCoy
There’s Syria. There’s Jordan. There’s Gaza. But there’s no mention of Israel.
Reid hospitalized after breaking ribs, facial bones in exercise accident
Ed O'Keefe
The Senate Democratic leader was injured at home and was expected to recover fully.
The education secretary asks, ‘What 
if ... ?’ But reaction isn’t positive.
The education secretary asks, ‘What <br>if <span>...</span> ?’ But reaction isn’t positive.
Valerie Strauss
ANSWER SHEET | Tweeted responses were critical of teacher salaries and required tests.
The Redskins are poisoned by chronic mismanagement. And the cost is high.
The Redskins are poisoned by chronic mismanagement. And the cost is high.<br>
Sally Jenkins
COLUMN | Many players doubt whether their efforts are worth it on a team this dysfunctional.
Allen:Planis to return to Richmond for camp
Candidates for the defensive coordinator job
I encountered racism everywhere 
in Ukraine. But it was in plain view.
I encountered racism everywhere <br>in Ukraine. But it was in plain view.
Terrell Jermaine Starr
POST EVERYTHING | A Fulbright scholar said he never had to guess whether prejudice was involved.
The GOP’s habit of appealing to racists
Eugene Robinson
Republicans don’t go far enough in chastising House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.
Krauthammer: Nylons for nothing in Cuba
Sargent: Court decision could gut Obamacare
Zakaria: American innovation is in serious trouble
Capehart: NYC may lose Democratic convention
How a college ratings system could hurt students
Rubin: Jeb Bush is no immigration radical
Rosenberg: Something missing at the monuments
More Headlines
3-term N.Y. governor Mario Cuomo dies at 82
Israel police: Settlers attack U.S. officials
Some AirAsia victims said to be belted in seats
Palace denies sex suit against Prince Andrew
Man decapitates mother after fight about chores
Bono: I might never play guitar again
‘Downton Abbey’: Characters seem 
to be searching for graceful exits
‘Downton Abbey’: Characters seem <br> to be searching for graceful exits
Hank Stuever
TV REVIEW | In the season that begins Sunday, the British period drama has found its groove.
No more wondering. In new playoff era, Ohio State, Oregon get their shot.
Adam Kilgore
Ohio State and Oregon prove they belong in college football national championship game.
Oregon players sing,No means no!’
Don’t be a dummy — New Year’s ‘detoxes’ are a waste of time
Don’t be a dummy —  New Year’s ‘detoxes’ are a waste of time
Rachel Feltman 11:15 AM ET
The science in support of detoxes — juice cleanse or otherwise — just doesn’t exist.
Features Top News Most Viral Videos of 2014
Our most American square: Lafayette
The best of #Dronefail
Date Lab: Kanika and Ryan
Refugees for nearly 40 years consider return to conflict
Why black boxes don’t transmit data in real time
From 'Fangate' to 'James Flacco': The best political gaffes of 2014
The dark roots of Colombia’s palm oil growth
Family builds rink for NHL Winter Classic
A grim year for Rep. Michael Grimm
Chris Rock on marriage
Photo Stories
People run into the chilly water of Lake Balaton during the fourth annual New Year's swim in Szigliget, 164 kms southwest of Budapest, Hungary, Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015. (AP Photo/MTI, Gyorgy Varga)
(Gyorgy Varga / AP)
The Day: Swimming in the new year, riding the hangover bus
WASHINGTON, DC -- OCTOBER 3: Sabrina Elliotte, 24, of Rockville. 'My favorite tattoo is in my armpit. I used to work for sideshows and they used to staple money to me. People used to staple it in my armpits, and on my face and everywhere. I just thought it would be funny to get a staple gun in my armpit. For me, [pain] is just a mental thing. I like to know that I can get over it on my own. It's empowering to know that I can make myself calm and centered and I can handle it and that it will be okay, it's only temporary.' (photo by Andre Chung for The Washington Post)
(Andre Chung for The Post)
My favorite tattoo is in my armpit’ and more stories behind the ink
Gorilla peers up to the sun from his cage.
(Erblicken / Manuela Kulpa)
Into the wild: The souls of zoo animals
FILE - This June 15, 2007 file photo shows actor and comedian Robin Williams posing for a photo in Santa Monica, Calif. Williams, whose free-form comedy and adept impressions dazzled audiences for decades, died Monday, Aug. 11, 2014, in an apparent suicide. Williams was 63. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, File)
(Reed Saxon / AP)
Notable deaths of 2014: A look at those who died last year
This is how depressingly partisan America has become
Aaron Blake
THE FIX | Presidential approval = 2014 approval.
The Fix: The 5 biggest political questions of 2015
Muriel Bowser sworn in as the 
new mayor of scandal-weary D.C.
GovBeat: Major cities see murder rates fall in 2014
Filmmaker says he uncovered Nazis’ ‘biggest secret weapons facility’
The facility may shed some light on one of the most secretive aspects of the Nazi regime: the quest to build an atomic bomb.
WorldViews: The president of prime time: On Venezuela TV, Maduro is interrupter-in-chief
Available: The $183,300 ‘Yoda’ job at the Pentagon
WorldViews: The world’s super rich got richer in 2014
Federal judge removes another hurdle to same-sex marriage in Florida
Martina Stewart
The reaction of court clerks across the state has been mixed.
No, you won’t be able to float on Jan. 4
Cleveland police may hand investigation of Tamir Rice shooting to county sheriff
POSTEVERYTHING | A Fulbright scholar said he never had to guess whether prejudice was involved.
Let’s shatter the ‘broken windows’ theory of American foreign policy right now
‘Woohoo!’ re last year’s stock market run-up…but let’s not forget where most of that money goes.
Voice mail is dying. And it’s making us lonelier, more miserable people.
Muriel Bowser sworn in as the <br>new mayor of scandal-weary D.C.
Mike DeBonis and Steve Hendrix 1:03 PM ET
Seven D.C. Council members were also inaugurated, marking a major shift in the city’s government.
Your complete guide to D.C.’s new mayor
Three teens stabbed in argument over alcohol at hotel
Walter J. Behr, longtime mayor of Somerset, Md., dies
The Winter Classic: A super-commercialized fun time
Allen: Redskins ‘plan’ to return to Richmond
Mike Jones 11:00 AM ET
REDSKINS BLOG | The Redskins plan to hold training camp in Richmond for a third straight year although the city reportedly is struggling to fulfill its financial obligation to the team, general manager Bruce Allen said this week.
Redskins Blog: Redskins add Cromartie-Smith, Ross
Buckeyes, led by Urban Meyer, kept the faith
Golden Tate on CowboysBarry Church’s revenge threats: ‘It’s kind of weird.’
‘This time it’s the real deal,’ Bill Moyers says of retirement
Miss Manners: Be mindful when extending new year’s wishes
Carolyn Hax: Readers on failure, shame and selfhood
2014: The year in cartoons
Michael Cavna
COMIC RIFFS | A look back at 2014 through Michael Cavna’s editorial prism.
Quartet for the End of Time,’ by Johanna Skibsrud
In Hollywood’s land of make believe, reality is never too far away
New Year’s binge-watching: We’ve got you covered
The most anticipated innovations of 2015
Tuan C. Nguyen
Which ideas will make a splash? Here are some predictions.
The man who invented wants to shake up America’s approach to patents
Five things that tech got right in 2014
Why fingerprints scans may not be the future of digital verification
How Timberland used customer data to reboot its brand
Sarah Halzack 10:39 AM ET
A deep customer study found that its ideal customer lives in cities, where new designs and marketing resonate.
Golden times for shiny-silver campers
Start-up helps newly Medicaid-eligible workers get covered
Read the latest from Capital Business
Federal Government
Why the U.S. Border Patrol is making a big push to hire more women
Josh Hicks
FEDERAL EYE | A high percentage of female migrants have been sexually assaulted, and many inherently mistrust male border agents, according to experts.
Federal Eye: Postal Service poised to begin controversial plant closures
In the Loop: Seth Rogen: C-SPAN’s darling of 2014
In the Loop: GAO to federal workers: No, you can’t let taxpayers pay for your plastic forks
Real Estate
House of the Week | Staunton Hill in Brookneal, Va., for $5.49M
Kathy Orton
The main residence on the 273-acre estate has 11 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a triple parlor and three libraries.
Homeowners who won debt forgiveness get a tax break
Big windows, attractive details at 2920 Georgia Ave.
Open houses in D.C., Maryland, Virginia
Mah Jongg
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HarperCollins omits Israel from maps for Mideast schools, citing 'local prefer...
U.S. advisers in Iraq stay out of combat but see fighting edging closer
Bono: 'It is not clear that I will ever play guitar again'
Arne Duncan asks 'what if?' Here's the response.
The latest thing at 'Downton Abbey': Exit signs
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