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Friday, January 2, 2015 As of 2:10 PM EST
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U.S. penalizes North Korea with new sanctions targeting individuals working for arms industry
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Dollar Surges to 11 ½-Year High Against Biggest Rivals
The dollar kicked off 2015 by rallying against other major currencies, underscoring heightened expectations for robust U.S. growth in the new year relative to the rest of the world. 12:48 PM
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Gold Eases as Dollar Gains
Obama Pivots to Lawmakers
The White House plans to pivot from President Obama’s reliance on executive actions in the coming year and invest more in a legislative strategy aimed at trying to advance key policy goals with Congress, top administration officials said.
Washington’s To-Do List
Photo Illustration by Ryan Mesina; Getty Images (man); F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal (drones)
Tech Etiquette: 21 Do’s and Don’ts for 2015
A guide to digital graciousness in 2015, whether you’re checking your Apple Watch or snooping with your drone. 51 min ago
Learn to Embrace the Digital Detox
Need a vacation from your vacation? From meditation that lets you shake it off a la Taylor Swift to unplugged weekends that help you deal with smartphone withdrawal, our guide to the digital detox.
Health Law Creates Trickier Tax Season
What’s News —
Stocks Lower on Year’s First Trading Day
U.S. stocks fell Friday, giving up earlier gains in the wake of weaker-than-expected manufacturing data. 12:17 PM
Strategists Expect Stocks to Climb in 2015
U.S. Manufacturing Index Slows
U.S. manufacturers tapped the brakes in December but still enjoyed a solid year in 2014, according to a survey released Friday by the Institute for Supply Management.
Eurozone Manufacturing Slower Than First Estimated
Activity in the eurozone’s manufacturing sector grew at a slower pace than first estimated in December, maintaining the pressure on the European Central Bank to step up its stimulus campaign.
Unilever, P&G Tweak Formulas, Prices for Developing World
Consumer-goods companies, facing a sluggish global economy, are using a developed-nation strategy with their poorest customers around the world: Pack more features into basic products and raise prices.
LightSquared Offers Backers $200 Million Breakup Fee
LightSquared is seeking to pay a $200 million breakup fee to the backers of its restructuring, including Fortress Investment Group, in case the mobile satellite company’s Chapter 11 exit doesn’t pan out as planned. 12:47 PM
Lehman Trustee in Pact Over Pimco Claims
Broken Deals Rein In Strong M&A
More Startups Stay Private
Fed’s Policy-Setters Likely More United
Rite Aid Sales Rose in December
DDR CEO Hurwitz Leaves Role Early
Beijing Holds Cards on Macau’s Future
MLPs: The Oil Market’s Lost Children
Drilling partnerships, one of the hottest trends in the energy industry, are looking increasingly iffy as an investment opportunity in the face of falling oil prices.
Frack-Sand Boom Slips Away
Linn Energy Slashes Dividend, Spending
U.S. Oil Prices Rebound Slightly
The Numbers: Why Gas Feels Cheap—and Why It’s Not, Historically Speaking
New Year Presents Key Tests for Putin
The year 2015 will be a test of whether the Russian president has the stamina to continue a military adventure in Ukraine, or seek a rapprochement with the West that might ease mounting economic woes.
Debate Over Surveillance Faces a Deadline
Overseas Headwinds Test U.S. Economy
Quick Takes on Issues, Events in 2015
What the World Will Speak in 2115
English will still dominate a century from now, but it will no longer share the planet with thousands of other languages. Instead, expect fewer but simpler modes of oral communication on every continent, John H. McWhorter writes.
Playoffs? Yes, Playoffs! A Look at the NFL Playoffs
Every team thinks they can win the Super Bowl. Strategies that could propel each NFL playoff team to the Lombardi Trophy.
Top Picks
People to Watch in 2015
New Year, New Job? Read This First
In Belgium, Battle Builds Between Brewers and 'Beer Architects'
Cancer Risk Tied to Bad Luck When Cells Divide
Is a Great Wine Palate God Given, Learned or Bought?
U2′s Bono Reveals Fears, Joys in 'A to Z' New Year's Note to Fans
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U.S. NEWS 01/02/2015 3:32
Study: Bad Luck Causes Most Cancers
Ways to Boost Your Career in 2015
Assessing Your Financial Health in 2015
News Markets WorldStream Opinion
15 Numbers Every Investor Needs to Know
Here are the figures that matter most for making smart decisions about investments, taxes and financial planning.
How to Buy a Car on Credit
In Shanghai Stampede, Bottleneck and Unexplained Commotion
Fresh details emerged Friday about the New Year’s Eve stampede in Shanghai that pointed to a deadly chokepoint and called into question the police response, as local authorities moved aggressively to address grievances.
AirAsia Recovery Mission Speeds Up
Pope Likely to Reshape Church Hierarchy
Saudi King in Treatment for Pneumonia
Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo Dies
Mario Cuomo, a three-term New York governor whose soaring liberal speeches made him a national leader of the Democratic Party through the 1980s, has died. He was 82.
Tributes for a ‘Liberal’s Liberal5 Things Mario Cuomo Did as Governor
Cuomo’s Life in Politics
Reid Hospitalized After Exercise Injury
Economy Boosts Small-Business Optimism
Activists Are on a Roll, With More to Come
Snapchat Cracks Top 10 Largest U.S. Venture-Capital Deals
Investors Shouldn’t Cash in Chips Just Yet
Bwin Discussing Swapping for Stake in RisingTide
Eurozone Bonds Surge on QE Hopes
Startups Risk a Downer for Investors
Will U.S. Markets Maintain Lead?
Readers Share Their Winners and Losers
A New Way to Check Your FICO Score
Tips to Get the Best Jumbo Rates
Housing’s 2015 WildCard: Affordability
Labor, Pot and Pets Get New Laws in 2015
Juvenile Inmates Sexually Abused
Italy Rescues Abandoned Migrant Ship
U.S.-Led Coalition Pounds ISIS in Syria
Israel Police Say Settlers Attack U.S. Officials
Kellogg Bids for Egyptian Snack Maker Bisco Misr
Amazon Chief Bezos Lost $7.4 Billion in Company’s Worst Year Since 2008
How the Hacking Crisis Unfolded at Sony
Experts Rush to Find Ebola Treatments
Tending to a Root of Elder Hunger
The New Wave of Graphic Novels
Doctors Enlist Art to Hone Skills
Patton Oswalt: Confessions of a Movie Addict
Bring on 2015—We’re Ready and Hopeful
Jeb Bush’s Conservative Immigration Agenda
Let’s Call Off the Meeting and Get Back to Work
New York
Officer Liu’s Funeral Will Blend Two Traditions
Queens Apartment Fire Claims Three
Making Merry With ‘Widow’
Ohio State Ends SEC Dynasty
Oregon, Mariota End Florida State’s Reign
Michigan State, Wisconsin Score for Big Ten
Oil Jobs Squeezed as Prices Fall
No More Bouts, but the Fight Goes On
At Facebook, Boss Is a Dirty Word
Art Deco on the Water
Your Own Private Pool, 30 Stories Up
House in Miami’s ‘South of Fifth’ Neighborhood Seeks $14.995 Million
Small Business
Making Change: Mobile Pay in Africa
Year in Review: CIOs Watching Wearables, Payments, Security in 2015
Year in Review: CIOs Share Quirky Job Interview Tales
Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of 2014′s Biggest IT Stories
Study: ‘Going Concern’ Letters on Decline, But That May Not Be Good
Ruble Contagion Can Cross Borders
FASB Issues Guidance for Private Companies
Risk & Compliance
Cybersecurity 2015: Expect More State-Backed Cybercrime
Key Takeaways of Corporate Reputation Risk in 2014
Corruption Currents: Experts Blame Insiders for Sony Attack
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See the best photos of 2014 from around the world, selected by Wall Street Journal editors.
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Opinion: Jeb Bush’s Conservative Immigration Agenda
GM Issues Three More Recalls to Close Out 2014
In Belgium, Battle Builds Between Brewers and ‘Beer…
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Journal Report: Wealth Management
A Look at the Year Ahead With Three Financial Advisers
Fee-only financial advisers discuss how investors can prepare for increased volatility, any action by the Fed and other investment and tax issues.
Talking Philanthropy With Melinda Gates
Financial Gifts to Adult Children: Strings or No Strings?
THE EXPERTS: Many parents want to help out their grown children financially, if they can. But should they have a say in how the money is spent?
Common Retirement-Account Misconceptions
An Advertising Feature
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Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
Photos of the Day: Jan. 1
In photos picked Thursday by Wall Street Journal editors, a man greets the year’s first sunrise in India, a passenger of AirAsia Flight 8501 is laid to rest in Indonesia, and more.
Paul Faith/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
Taking the Plunge Into 2015
Around the world, people celebrate the new year by having a traditional dive into the nearest near-freezing body of water.
Revelers Hail New Year
As 2015 began, crowds gathered around the globe to bid goodbye to 2014 and welcome the new year with costumes and fireworks.
Bridging the Dentist-Doctor Divide sponsored by AETNA
Appetite for Disruption sponsored by GE Capital
Disability Insurance: a Win-Win for Employers and Employees sponsored by AETNA
China Watch sponsored by China Daily
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